YouTube PowerSlam News 006

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YouTube PowerSlam News 006

More video marketing information for you

Hi there, 

By the time you receive this, I will be on my way to India.  We leave on Feb 27th and arrive back March 7th.  I have arranged to meet two video marketing software specialists while there, so am really hoping to have a few good tips from them for you.

Recently  a member asked why there was no Facebook group for PowerSlam.  Back before video marketing became so popular there used to be one, but very few people understood the importance of video at that time and so did not become involved.  Times change and now, so many people want more and more information, that I have decided to start a Facebook group as soon as I return from India. 


  • I recently stumbled across a video which I thought was really great, not because of who the “star” was (Michelle Obama) and not because of what she was promoting (Lets Move) but rather because of the style of presentation.  it is a mixture of video snippets and still images some of which made use of the Ken Burns panning effect.
     Please study the video  The whole video is visually  appealing which makes it easier to grab the viewers attention and keep him or her watching till the end.  There are loads of free images out there and you can grab clips from Vine and Instagram.
  • When using social media or even email, to drive traffic, include a screenshot of your video.  Pause Your video first so that the play button is showing. Take a screen shot and then crop and save it,  upload and link it to the actual video.  A great number of people simply can’t resist clicking on that play button.
  • Here is a clever way to create animated gifs from a video.  Free of course
  • Twitter video is here though I haven’t quite figured out how it works yet.  From what I can gather you can only make use of it via your mobile device.  You will need the twitter video app for your iPhone or Android 


I have purchased several products during the last two weeks. Unfortunately adding the reviews to the newsletter makes it horribly long.  It also takes me time to go through each product carefully, which always results in the newsletter being delayed, so in future, I will send out separate notifications about product reviews.

If there is a particular product you would like a review on before purchasing, please drop me a line and If it is within my budget, I will purchase and review it for you.

  • One of the products I recently purchased is EVE or Elite Video Evolution.  The full review is on the site.   there is a LOT of great information including a simple but good explanation on how to use Google hangouts correctly. 
  • I was given a review copy  of a new WordPress theme.  Prostyler theme is being released February 27th at which time I will be high above the clouds, so thought I would let you know about it now.  This is one I really like and will be changing most if not all of my sites over because it is so easy to make every site look different.  Not being very techy, I am delighted with the fact that there are well over 30 short vids to make sure that everybody fully understands every facet of how to make best use of the ProStyler WordPress Theme, including the page builder functions and all the site elements.  Other far more expensive wordpress themes that I have purchased have always left me almost completely in the dark and I have landed up trashing them.

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  1. 1-23-2016

    Thanks Sandy – these 1st 6 newsletters were great – some really first class info there – different from many others!

    Pity it did not continue, but it is a big ask!

    All the best….Malcolm

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