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Categories: YouTube PowerSlam News | Posted on Nov 1, 2014

Disaster Struck Me

My life is never boring –  in fact it is quite the opposite, it is totally and utterly challenging.

Due to my computer (iMac) being more than a little slow I decided to have a new and more powerful hard drive installed and to increase the memory. THAT IS WHEN DISASTER STRUCK! – I popped in to my local computer repair shop and dropped the iMac off expecting to collect it the next day. Next thing I get a call, to say that the technician had broken a clip (???) when putting the machine back together again and that they had sent it off to the Apple shop in Cape Town to have a new clip installed. It took 3 WEEKS to get my computer back. The biggest problem lay in the fact that I had not bothered to make a copy of all my passwords, so I could not access websites; my various email accounts or anything else for that matter. All I could do is sit and fume.

Obviously, due to the above, I have upset a lot of people, especially since I have been unable to answer emails; access site tickets requesting assistance; and have not been available on Skype. I got my computer back late Friday afternoon (South African time) and am now working flat out to go through emails etc and contact everybody who is mad at me. At this precise moment, I have 4089 emails to go through, but will start with those addressed to ytpowerslam first.

My IP Adress has been blacklisted because of a spam sending Trojan. 6 weeks later and I am really struggling to find and remove it.

The inhabitants of an illegal local squatter camp two km’s from my home decided to riot because they want “amenities” i.e. water; electricity; and toilet facilities – naturally they are not prepared to pay for any of it. The farmer who owns the land doesn’t want them there and the municipality have offered them legal accommodation which they have refused. The farmer actually provided them with water at his own expense a long time ago and someone (not sure who, probably the municipality) has provided them with portable toilets) but that is not enough for them. Since they were not given free electricity as well, they decided to burn down the electricity poles, thus resulting in our area being without electricity for 18 hours. More rioting is expected.

A gang of four men have started breaking into at least one house in our tiny community of +- households every week. I am often alone so it can be rather scary at night when my husband is away.

Eskom the South African Government supplier of electricity is suffering from overload because they have not bothered to upgrade their facilities over the last 15 to twenty years, so we have constant power outages lasting up to 4 hours and sometimes several times in a 24 hour period.

Aaah yes, almost forgot – someone is trying to hack into all of my sites and has succeeded in in deleting several of them. I will be moving all my sites to a new host as soon as I can.

Needless to say, the above tends to lead to an interesting life.

Some Good News

The day before taking the iMac in for the new hard drive. I added a bunch of of “Gold Gifts” which I never got to tell anybody about. So if you (Gold Members) haven’t already seen them, please pop in to to collect them.

Tips and Tricks

I found some useful YouTube tips at It might even be worthwhile bookmarking that page.

Interesting New Products

iPocket Videos –

One of my favorite Video Creators launched a great new product a little while ago which to my mind is a must for everyone, even though it is actually meant those of you who are the proud possessors of an iPhone.

I love video marketing and am always looking for ways to improve my video creation skills, so when Joey asked if I would like to try out his new product, I jumped at it, even though I have an android. Needless to say, I was stunned at the quality of the video he used as an example.

Not only is the quality great, but Joey did things with a standard iPhone 5 that I thought could only be done with a high-end video camera.

There are five modules in the training and even though I don’t have an iPhone, I found that I could do most of the same things with my Android and there are some truly wickedly simple tips and tricks that I would never have considered doing.

I learned so much just from the 9 short videos in the first module that I figured that the price of the product was already well worth while. In one or two instances where joey recommends an app or piece of equipment specific to the iPhone, I was able to discover an Android alternative.

The five modules cover The Basics; Shooting; Editing; Script Writing; and extra resources such as accessories, royalty free music and useful tools.

My take on iPocketVideo? If you have a smart phone (I have the samsung note 3) and you need to create outstanding quality videos in order to promote your own products or business, you simply cannot go wrong.

Tube Avenger – Avenger

Otis James is well known for his brilliantly clever software creations and Tube Avenger is no different. I was thrilled to be able to play with it. We have needed something like this for a very long time.

You can track and analyses videos across multiple search engines; monitor any video whether it is yours or a competitors; analyze your competition strategies and find their ranking secrets; research top ranking videos to find profitable, easy to rank, money making keywords and thus improve your chances of outranking them; Get ideas for your video titles, description and keywords from other peoples videos.

You can operate in stealth mode and hide your footprints from Google. You can export your data. Tube Avenger supports public and private proxies (there is an inbuilt proxie scraper). All data is saved to a local database automatically so you can backup, restore, compress and reset without any problems.

Unfortunately it does not work on a Mac unless you use something like Parallels

Although the timer has run out, as of today (November first) Otis seems to have forgotten to increase the price, so go and grab it as quickly as you can.

A Reminder

Markdown Monday –

As mentioned in a previous newsletter, every Monday, Mark offers fantastic markdowns, usually in the region of 85% off. These only run for 24 hours. So don’t forget to pop in there and see what is available each weeks.

Ok, time to start in on those emails and find out who wants to rip my head off because I disappeared into the ether.

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