YouTube PowerSlam News 002

Categories: YouTube PowerSlam News | Posted on Jun 23, 2014

YouTube PowerSlam News 002

Thank you so much for your incredible patience and also for the many wonderful emails of support that I received when ytpowerslam crashed on me.  You are truly the best!

The site is up and running again, though after the debacle of the last two weeks I refuse to say that there are no more gremlins lurking about unless I have my lawyer by my side.

The site is not looking pretty right now and since I am not particularly artistic and have never used this particular theme before, it might be a while before I can get it to look respectable, but I am working on it.

At this precise moment, the home page is blank, but at least the log-in tab is there.

If you would prefer to read this newsletter online, or would like to refer back to a previous newsletter, you will find it available on the site.

The Best Freebie EVER

It is time to let you know about something special that is about to happen and which will take the Internet World by storm. A few of our Gold members are already aware of it. Please guys, this is not common knowledge at this stage.

There is a new social network which is launching in a few weeks and which will enable you to monetize images.

You can make use of an image, attache an affiliate item to the image (you don’t have to sign up anywhere to get that affiliate link) and then share it via all the other social networks. Someone who sees the image, requests information via the app to find an online retailer that offers the item at the best possible price, (there are in excess of 18,000 retailers already involved) purchases it and then you receive an affiliate commission on the sale.

To do this, you need the ItApp and its FREEEE. This is the ultimate win/win/win situation.

Although the whole system is still in beta, I already have my app and love it. People, you really need to get in on this before it actually launches.

You can sign up immediately ,  BUT before you start bouncing off the walls wanting to do so, please download and watch this webinar first (it will make you bounce harder) – it is only 37 minutes long but it will truly boggle your mind.

If you want to really up your game and multiply your potential income several times, You can choose to become an associate, which is what I did.

Whoever heard of a social network enabling and encouraging you to actually earn an income off of it?  Well Leafit is doing just that.

So ladies and gents, get your new YouTube Channel set up and start promoting your new business. This one is a winner, no matter whether you go the free route or the associate route. It is impossible to lose.

Tips and Tricks

Content, content, content – Youtube has recently brought out The YouTube Creator Playbook For Brands.  This is really important information when it comes to video marketing.

I am currently working on a new page for everybody.  This will include links to all the useful resource sites that I can find.  I will probably keep that page available for members only so look out for it.

While I do have quite a long list already, PLEASE email me with any additions of your own.

Gold Member News

A new page has been set up for you guys, so look out for “Gold Gifts” – There are three gifts waiting for you.

1. Understanding And Getting Started With: Instagram, Vine, SocialCam and Videolicious.

2. How to Use Pinterest for the benefit of your business – this is a step by step ecourse

3. How to use Linked In for the benefit of your business

Monday MarkDown

I recently discovered that every Monday, starting at midnight MDT and lasting only 24 hours, an acquaintance offers a massive 85% mark-down on one his products.

Sometimes the items are useful to me and then I buy them. The problem is, I cannot purchase until they become available for sale, even though I know what they are. This leaves me no time to buy and test out in order to give you an actual review.

Obviously I also can’t be certain what you need – there may well be products that you require but which I do not want. Because of this, I will let you know what he will be making available each week and the choice will have to be yours as to whether you follow through or not.

This weeks product is about Dark Posts on Facebook  and includes software. I am planning on getting this one. I only recently heard about dark posts and was rather intrigued, so this is the perfect opportunity to get in on it. Here is what you will get: (stole this off the sales page)

  • An easy bulk uploader for text and images…
Which means you effortlessly create new posts for ALL possible variations of text and images.
  • A stored history of all of your previous dark posts…
Which means you can quickly edit the text or image on any past post and easily upload the new variation.
  • An easy-to-use dark post creation wizard…
Which means you can create dark-posts straight from your desktop
  • A simple visual editor…
Which means you can instantly see what each of your finished posts will look like.
  • Both Windows and MAC OS compatibility…
Which means you can use Dark Post Demon on any computer.

Take care everybody and have a wonderful week