YouTube PowerSlam News 001

Categories: YouTube PowerSlam News | Posted on Jun 21, 2014

YouTube PowerSlam News 001

The last month has been unbelievable hectic, especially with trying to get original PowerSlam members imported into the new site. That was truly a disastrous experience which I have no wish to repeat. Thank you all so much for your patience.

All newsletters will be available on the site, in the event that you would like to refer back to something.

Skype Group

I have set up two Skype Discussion Groups. One for Silver Members and another for Gold member.

The purpose of the groups is to encourage you to ask questions and share knowledge (even if it is not video related) and also to meet new friends.

For those of you who may not be aware of it, a single Skype Group can only hold 300 members, this means that only the first 300 members will be able to join in.

Because of this, once the groups fill up, if there is anybody who is not participating and interacting within the group, I will be obliged to remove them to make way for those members who are waiting in the wings.

If you have not already been added into a group and would like to join in, PLEASE contact me via Skype – medifox – and let me know whether you have Silver or Gold Membership. This will make it a lot easier and faster to add you in

Freebies and Tips:

We all need to provide voice-overs for our videos from time to time. You can of course simply make a few notes on a piece of paper and ad-lib from there, but it is rather awkward. Using a teleprompter is a lot easier and fortunately there is a free online version as well as a downloadable version. There is a Pro version too if you happen to do a lot of voice-overs and/or hangouts, in which case it is worth considering.
Google+ has some interesting and useful training related to photographs and videos which you may wish to use for your videos and/or websites – Google for images. If you follow the index you will discover how to Edit and add effects to your photos and videos; Edit photos on desktop; Edit photos on Android; Get effects added to your photos with Auto Awesomeness. This is both useful and fun.
Free and automatic homepage website analysis. Rather useful if you are working with off-line business and want to do a quick analysis of their existing site – WebMasterCoffee
Looking for a really good tool that will help you with colors – you cant go wrong with Color Scheme Designer

Recent YouTube change

YouTube has made a recent change which will enable you to attach a branding intro to each of your videos. I will be adding this into the appropriate module as well as into the cheat sheet in the near future. Meanwhile, here is a brief explanation.

Create a branding intro that is no more than 3 seconds long and upload it to your channel as unlisted (you don’t want it available to the general population). Bare in mind that YT won’t accept a longer intro though it can be shorter.

Go to your Channel Settings and then to In-Video Programming. Click on the “Add a branding Intro”. YT will then pull any and all videos in your channel that are 3 seconds long or less. You now have only two choices. You can have the intro attached to all videos that were uploaded after a specific date or you can choose to have the intro added automatically to every video.

Google Algorythm Change – Panda 4

Version 4 of the Panda algorithm was released a little while ago. It is targeting poor quality content. This effects you through your channel descriptions as well as your video descriptions. If you find you are losing rank with your videos then go and update your descriptions. Your content needs to be relevant and interesting.

According to SearchMetrics, some of the biggest “losers” as a result of Panda 4 are down by between 20% and 75% and include sites such as;; simply; and live There are even one or two google-backed sites which are down.

“Winners” on the other hand have improved by between 20% and 500%
Here is a great article related to Google penalties or “adjustments” as the big G prefers to call them – SearchEngineLand – this is definitely a worthwhile read.

Gold Members

Two new items will be added to your membership area during the next week, so please keep an eye out for them.

My apologies to you all for such a long diatribe. Even now there is a lot more that I would like to write. I will do my best to keep future Newsletters somewhat shorter.

If you have something to share with everybody, or a suggestion, please drop me a mail or contact me on Skype.

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