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Hi all,

As usual it is fun and games on my side of the world.  There is very rarely a day goes past that our electricity does not get cut for a couple of hours.  Eskom was horribly embarrassed  to find themselves in the world news when one of the coal towers fell down because they hadn’t got round to doing any maintenance.  They are now scrambling to fix that mess as well as upgrade the national grid.

It also seems that I am about to become a rabbit farmer by default.  I wont go into how it came about, but I am in the process of  fixing up an old cowshed on our property and of course getting all the equipment needed.  We should have everything in place for the first breeders by March 2015 and hopefully by the end of  that year my husband will be ready to take over.  And yes, we already have a buyer on contract and who will take everything we can supply.


For Gold Members.

One of our long standing Gold members Gary Affron, has created a fantastic new module for you.  He will be selling it as a WSO, though I don’t know exactly when.  Meanwhile, it is now listed permanently under module 009A – The Video Silo System.


My Latest Purchase

I have just purchased the ultimate method for creating Landing pages.  I have always disliked creating them because I am not very artistic and somehow it seems to take me forever to put one together, yet I know they are essential to building a list and of course building a list is essential to earning an income via the internet.  Even better, there is nothing to install as the “software” operates off a web page.  It is the easiest method for creating beautiful landing pages that I have come across.

Grab the Early Bird Special while it is still available


YouTubeNews And A Great Tip

YouTube is bringing in a donation button so that viewers can make donations to their favorite non-profit channels. Apparently this is being done to help prevent content creators from moving over to crowd funding channels. Whether it will be made available to everybody in the future, I do not know.  At this stage it can only be viewed in the USA and the UK, so I have not been able to see it yet.

Meanwhile, if you happen to have a channel with interesting videos and would like to encourage viewers to make a donation, you can pop over to your Paypal account and create a “Donate Button” (make sure you use the email option when copying the code) then head back to your YouTube channel.  Put your curser on the top right hand corner of  your channel art and a pencil icon will become visible.

Click on “edit links” from the drop down menu.  Go to Custom Links and change the “0” drop down menu to “1” .  In the two boxes below type in “donate” or “buy me a beer/coffee” (whatever you wish) in the left hand box  and paste your donate button code into the right hand box and save.  This will place a donate link right on your channel art.

Google News

If you deal with off-line business then you will probably be pleased to know (maybe) that Google has now launched “Google My Business” see


You might find this useful. it is available for both mac and windows.

Google search terms – this was shared by one of our Skype members, but I am embarrassed to say, that I can’t remember who shared it – – it is however very useful.

Tips And Tricks

I found these tricks for small business websites over at SearchEngineland:

• Fix your home page title – Include your main product name or service e.g. MyKid’s Shop – Educational Toys
• Push those sales in the Meta Description – Offer something such as free delivery or a small discount
• Snippets – Change it from time to time to reflect the season or an upcoming vacation period, though you will need to ping that page each time to get the Search Engines to crawl it.
• Add a smiling Face – No… not a smiley, a real person with a smiling face. This gives the website a more human and approachable feel and engenders trust..
• Images – There should always be several interesting images on your home page. Make sure you add links to them which bring people to one of your sites pages.
• PDF’s – Provide a PDF for download (with all business details included) describing what the business offers. Include price lists; menu’s; spec sheets or whatever is applicable to that particular business.
• Add a breadcrumb trail – not sure what it is or how to do it?   Go to
• Online directories – add the site to as many local online directories as you can find.

Don’t Forget…

Markdown Monday – – Mark offers fantastic markdowns, usually in the region of 85% off. These only run for 24 hours. So don’t forget to pop in there and see what is available each week.

If you are a Gold member and would like to join our Skype Group please contact me.  

All the best



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