VideoMakerFX Review

Categories: Product Reviews | Posted on May 10, 2014

I have just purchased a great Video Creation Tool (software) and thought I would let you know all about it. It works with both PC and Mac.

As you know it usually take an irritating amount of time to create videos for your marketing efforts, well our prayers have just been answered.

After reading through the sales page, I was happy to buy. The software allows you to choose from a variety of slides ( more than 200 of them) in order to create simple animated style videos that can be used for business or affiliate marketing. You cannot use actual animated images unfortunately.

PDF and video tutorials are available. The learning curve is quick and easy which is a big plus as far as I am concerned.

The audio side of things is not very good if you want a voice-over and not just music. I much prefer voice-over and am hoping that they will update the software to improve this side of things. But this is a minor problem against the fact that you can create a lot of visually interesting videos very quickly. There is always a work-around that can be found for the voice-over side of things.

I skipped the first OTO and grabbed the second which was an additional 100 slides.

I also chose to take the next OTO which included another 50 images plus a very interesting piece of software. This one helps you to find business leads in need of video. It also checks to see if a business has a Facebook Page, a Twitter page, a linked in Page, a YouTube Channel, a WordPress site and whether the website is responsive/mobile ready.

This particular piece of software has to be set up in two parts and needs Java to run.

Overall, I would say that this is good value for money.

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