The Perfect “Done For You” List Building Funnel

Categories: Product Reviews | Posted on May 10, 2014

Cliff Carrigan came very close to wanting to beat me up because I kept breaking his brand new baby. I am not very techy and my web host operates somewhat differently from most others, so when Cliff develops a new piece of software he calls in the demolition squad (me).

It took him a while, but he finally dodged all my bullets.

Ladies and Gents, this one is a doozy! Cliff has created the most incredible piece of list building software available anywhere. It just about whistles Dixie for you.

Now me being a Mac fan I was sad that it only works on PC, but then again, I do have a little old PC just for special products like this list builder. One problem, if you can call it that, is that it sometimes sets off alarms with your security software. You needn’t panic about it. It really is quite safe to use.

A negative for some people is that you do need to have an Aweber account. The software does not work with GetResponse or any other auto-responder.

If like me, you don’t have cPanel and/or you have ultra slow internet connection and can’t get your file to upload automatically – no problem, there is a quick workaround. Just Skype me (medifox) and I will tell you what to do.

Oh yes, almost forgot. Amongst other things, there is an excellent PDF on precisely how list building works, and who/where to go to get that traffic you so badly need to build your list. There is also a very neat idea on how to use Solo Ads as a product in its own right to build an income for yourself.

Now, the OTO. Yes there is one. It is a really nifty piece of software that finds you the best solo ad sellers IN REAL TIME. Sure you can hope that organic traffic will filter its way into your funnel, but buying solo adds works ten time faster and the traffic generated is geared to Internet Marketing.

The important thing about solo ad sellers is to steer away from the scam artists and find those sellers who have solid buyers lists. That is what the OTO software does for you.

Excellent value for money. I love both the main product and the OTO. They have saved me a ton of work and time.



  1. 7-11-2015

    I am at last back in action and restarting my AskJohnReed Blog from scratch.
    Is there no news since Feb 2015? Or have I missed a switch over to a different site somewhere?

    • 7-15-2015

      Hi John, Sorry about the lack of news. I did send out a mail to everyone but I guess you missed it. Unfortunately I landed up in hospital for a short while because of multiple beetle bites and then my Dad took ill and subsequently passed away. Just as I was getting over that my elderly dog (13 years old) died and for some reason that hit me really hard. I am busy getting my act together again and will send out a newsletter soon.

      All the best


  2. 7-28-2015

    Oh Dear Sandy – I’m really sorry to hear that – life can certainly cause grief and aggro at times.
    I wish you a happier few months and a steady climb back to better karma.
    Good Luck

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