Prostyler WordPress Theme Review

Categories: Product Reviews | Posted on Feb 25, 2015

ProStyler WordPress Theme Review 

Launching Friday February 27th at 11:a.m. EST

A few days ago, I was offered the Prostyler WordPress Theme to Review.  Since I was/am rather keen on changing my current themes, I was happy to oblige even though I wasn’t too optimistic.  I have had too many bad experiences with both free and paid themes.  I always find that the learning curve is huge.

Eureka! at last – there are really detailed, but short step-by-step videos to make sure that a non-tech, non-genius person like me can follow without continually screaming at the developers for help.

This is probably the most incredible theme I have ever come across.  You have the choice of designing your own look or of choosing one of a large number of predesigned templates –  At the time I started using it, there were only 5 templates, but more are being added.  There is also a landing page template already available.  I believe a membership site template will also be added fairly soon and I am really looking forward to that.

In addition, you can change the colors as you wish.  Heck, there are so many things you can change.  This means that no matter how many websites you have, each one can easily be made to look beautiful and individual.

I did have two problems though:

1.  Because my hosting company does not make use of cPanel, the coding inside of Prostyler prevented me from uploading the theme in the normal way.  The fix of course, was simply to upload it via ftp.  A very minor problem.

2.  Because of an off-line client’s demands, I needed the header height to be much bigger.  A quick Skype call brought the response “excellent idea…I will have that included so that everyone can change the header height by just clicking a button”  … Thanks Robert, that will be wonderful.  

I tested the Prostyler WordPress Theme with two websites, a brand new one and a full active membership site (which I cloned and uploaded to a test site).  Everything worked perfectly with the new client site.  I tried adding one of the pre designed templates and I also played with creating my own design.  I was more than happy with the results. 

When it came to the cloned membership site, Unfortunately InstaMember would not work with the Prostyler Theme.  Not that I am going to let that hold me back.  I will simply wait until Prostyler brings out their own membership site template.

I loved all the elements that are provided to make your pages look really good.  And yes, there are training vids to make sure you know how to use each one.  Something else I particularly liked was the fact that I could easily include an RSS feed; telephone number; Email Address; Twitter; Facebook; Linked In;  or Google+ urls, depending on my personal or client needs. 

ProStyler WordPress Theme is definitely the easiest theme I have worked with.



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