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Project Manager
1, male, with intermediate professional titles or qualifications registered construction division and priority;
2, with the same job for more than 5 years work experience, project development and management experience with the whole process;
3, with the EPC project management expertise, economic and legal, regulatory knowledge of project management;
4, good decision-making, leadership, communication and organizational skills;
5, has a good work ethic, the overall situation, responsible for corporate loyalty.

Construction Worker
1, male, college and higher education, construction, civil engineering, civil engineering or related;
2,5 years of work experience in the construction site, there are construction workers work license is preferred;
3, master building codes and construction processes and technical requirements, able to read and understand the material and construction drawings to accurately calculate the engineering, construction and acceptance to understand, familiar with the aspects of the construction process of the process;
4, familiar with the on-site construction site construction organization design and preparation of the program;
5, the quality of construction, safety and civilized construction management has a profound understanding of the skilled use of CAD and other office software;
6, responsible, hard-working, good teamwork and communication skills.

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